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Food Industry
Chemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Capacity 500 Ltrs. to 20,000 Ltrs. for storing milk, cream and other products.
Custom built or as per dairy standards.
Various assessories and fittings provided to suit process and product needs.
Tanks with direct expation coils and maintain product temperature.
Centrifugal type coupled to Electric motor / Monobloc version
Capacity 500 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH.
Head upto 40 MWC. Applications - Trasfer of milk, milk products, beverages etc.
Material of construction S.S.304/SS 316.
Suitable for operation under vaccum - Open impeller design suitable to handle viscous products, pulps etc.
Monobloc version coupled to petrol or diesel engine are also available.
Capacity 30,000 Ltrs. 1,00,000 Ltrs.
Can be supplied with Inner S.S.304 and Outer S.S. 430 or Carbon steel.
Silos are provided with Mechanical agitation / Air agitation.
Suitable for outdoor installation.
Falling film design high product quality.
Easy operation, automatic controls. Concentrates ready within few minutes after start.
Compact design, Low building costs, Continuous operation
Gentle heating of products, low hold up of products in Plant. Suitable for heat sensitive products.
Capacity available in various sizes.
Capacity of water evaporation 1Kg./hr. to 1,000 Kg./hr.
Suitable for drying heat sensitive products in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.
Both Rotary and Nozzle atomizer systems are provided to meet application demand.
Available with Direct/Indirect OIL fired heating system, Steam radiators or Electrical heaters as per application.
PHEs for cooling and heating of milk and milk products.
Capacaity of pastuerizer 250 to 10,000 Ltrs.
Frame and pressure plate available in Carbon steel painted version and Carbon steel cladded with S.S. 304.
Capacity - 500 LPH to 30,000 LPH for milk beverage and other food products for chilling and heating
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